VJ SmithKeynote Speaker - VJ Smith

Go on an emotional roller coaster ride as V.J. describes how Marty, an unforgettable cashier at a local big box store, had a profound impact on the people who went through his check-out line. Marty became a legend in an unexpected place because he treated everybody with dignity, kindness, and respect. As V.J. says, “Marty was living proof that you don’t need money, power, or title to make a difference in life. You just need to care.”

Keith BernsKeith Berns

Learn the complex relationship between plants, soil, and biology and how the economic fundamentals of supply, demand, currency, capital, energy, resources, infrastructure, and defense will be applied to the bustling subterranean economy of a healthy soil system. You will also learn how Carbon facilitates interactions between plants, soil, and biology.

Bryce DoeschotBryce Doeschot

How do you cut through the weeds to tell stories that people actually care about? Is it still relevant to try? Gain the tools to share your story in a way that consumers can consume!

Josh FlothJosh Floth

Drones have become a popular tool in agriculture over the past decade and their wide range of uses continues to grow. Come learn about the history of drones in agriculture, where they stand today, and where they will be over the next 10 years.

Hannah GuentherHannah Guenther

Food in the Field is an online nutrition program seeking to nutritiously feed those who feed us in the field and everywhere in between. Learn valuable tools to help you plan ahead for the busy seasons.

Tim Kalkowski

Tim is a native of Bassett, NE and a graduate of Rock County High School. He earned a finance degree from the University of Nebraska and is currently a Senior Ag loan officer for First State Bank Nebraska. Agriculture has always been a cornerstone and passion of Tim’s life. He helps manage the Kalkowski family ranches in Lynch, NE where conservation and stewardship are the foundation of the operation and were also the basis for receiving a Leopold conservation award in 2010. Tim has served on many boards and committees. He currently serves as President of the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, is a member of the Lancaster County concentrated animal feeding operation working group, the USDA State Technical Committee for NRCS, and Pius X foundation board, and is also involved with his church community. Tim and his wife were co-chairs of the 2016 Cattlemen’s Ball.  Tim has done speaking engagements on rotational grazing and generational transition. He is married and has two children and currently resides in Lincoln, NE.

Shane Lechtenberg

Shane Lechtenberg lives in Butte, NE with his wife Beth and three daughters-Lanie, Jaylee and Ally. Shane is a Managing Partner with the The Agricultural Risk Consulting Group LLC based out of Lincoln. (The ARC Group LLC). The ARC Group specializes in helping farmers and ranchers independently manage their market risk in the agricultural markets. He has been involved in risk management since 2001. Shane and Beth also own and operate a diversified farm and ranch where they raise corn, soybeans, hay, and cow/calf to finish cattle. In their spare time they enjoy hanging out with family and friends and spending time on the ranch checking cattle and hunting.

NEFB FOUNebraska Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Committee (P&E Committee)

“Field to Fork Face-Off” is a Family Feud-style game that uses the opinions of youth, consumers, and Farm Bureau members to test players’ knowledge of the public’s perspective of agriculture.

Paige PrattDr. Paige Pratt

Learn communication tips, ideas for a successful business model, and ways to maintain relationships through the succession planning process. Gain insight and share in the humor of Paige’s experiences surviving two farm family transitions.

Glen RabenbergGlen Radenberg

Glen Rabenberg is the founder and owner of Soil Works LLC.  Born and raised in Bancroft, SD, Glen Rabenberg graduated from Desmet High School in 1980. Rabenberg was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, General Agriculture and Agriculture Economics from South Dakota State University in 1985.

Glen Rabenberg will bring his knowledge of animal science and apply it to the soil. Many of the same required nutritional ratios shared by humans, animals, and plants are reflected in the soil.

Weeds, disease, and poor water penetration are symptoms of compacted unhealthy soil. Correcting the cause of soil compaction restarts the soil ecosystem allowing oxygen and water to penetrate the soil profile. Learn how to identify soil compaction and a five-step approach to restore soil health and correct the cause.

Heather RamseyHeather Ramsey

Learn simple strategies that add dollars & cents to a grain marketing strategy without creating loads of additional work or financial risk. We will tackle the types of marketing strategies that add flexibility & reduce risk, as well as what NOT to do through a short hands-on selling exercise on basis, futures, emotional function of the market, and timing.

Beth Reynolds LewisBeth Reynolds-Lewis

Beth Reynolds-Lewis is the Emergency Systems Specialist with Region 3 Behavioral Health Services which provides the coordination of behavioral health services within a twenty-two county area in central Nebraska. She currently coordinates the Emergency Psychiatric System for Region 3 and is an endorsed trainer in; Psychological First Aide through the Nebraska Public Policy, Green Cross Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator & consultant with Compassion Resiliency, Mental Health First Aid Trainer, and a trainer for Trauma 101. She is also a trained Forensic Interviewer through the National Child Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Morgan Norris Morgan Norris

In any career, there is competition, but how do you set yourself apart from the other applicants? Focus on defining your “why”, building your networking skills, and discover how to be successful in marketing you!