Thank you for your interest in Jim Pillen’s campaign to be the next Governor of Nebraska.

On February 1, 2022, Nebraska Farm Bureau endorsed Jim Pillen for governor. Pillen is seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination in the May 10 Nebraska primary election. Pillen was the “overwhelming choice” for the endorsement based on the results of Nebraska Farm Bureau’s grassroots selection process which involves gathering input from local County Farm Bureau’s across the state.

Jim Pillen is a true fiscal conservative. As a farmer and business owner, Jim knows the value of a dollar. As Governor, he’ll lead the charge to keep state spending in check. He’ll stretch tax dollars and work to ensure every dime is spent responsibly. Jim will work to lower our taxes and fix our broken tax system, so Nebraskans can STOP paying the highest property taxes in the nation

People tend to evaluate candidates based on who they are and what they stand for. Jim Pillen’s Nebraska roots run deep. He comes from agriculture. He’s built a successful family business here in our state. He understands the importance of strong communities. He brings public service experience to the table, serving on the UNL Board of Regents. He’s fiscally conservative, and he’ll bring a commonsense approach to addressing key issues and leading our state

Nebraska Farm Bureau encourages you to vote for Jim Pillen for Governor, a true fiscal conservative who’ll control spending and cut taxes.