YF&R Committee Application

Thank you for your interest in the Nebraska YF&R Committee! The YF&R Committee is an integral part of our organization and provides council to the Board of Directors on issues facing young producers in the state. Please complete the following application to be considered. The NEFB Board of Directors will make their nomination at the NEFB Annual Meeting in December and you will be notified of your status shortly after. Your term will begin at the 2023 YF&R Conference, January 27-28. We will hold a short orientation in January via Zoom.

If you have any questions, please contact Audrey Schipporeit.

The Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee shall plan and execute a program which shall:

  • Meet the needs of young people and assist the organization in attaining its leadership and program goals and objectives.
  • Be within the scope of Farm Bureau policy.
  • Be approved by the Board of Directors.

General Qualifications:  A member of the Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee should:

  • Be an active, loyal Farm Bureau member and believe in Farm Bureau as a means of solving public problems and in the market system as a means of meeting human needs.
  • Be conscientious, dependable and cooperative.
  • Understand the needs of and opportunities for young producers and leaders.
  • Have leadership ability.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Be willing to give time and effort.

Applications are October 1