YF&R Conference Tour Information

Tour 1

Industry in the Heartland

First Stop

Chief Buildings

Chief Industries, Inc. is a privately held company that is still owned by the same family that first opened the doors in 1954. Never bought. Never sold. Chief Buildings designs, details and manufactures metal building systems right here in the United States. We service all fifty states in almost every business sector. We are not the biggest in the industry, so we let our reputation define our success. You might say we play by our own set of rules.

Second Stop

Chief Fabrication

Since first opening for business in 1984, Chief Fabrication has served a wide range of manufacturers representing such industries as agriculture, recreation, construction equipment, and more. Our customers are located from coast to coast, including those with international accounts.

Tour 2

Plastic and Corn

First Stop

Sandhill Plastics

Sandhill Plastics is a manufacturing specialist founded on the premise of using post consumer plastics as the raw material in its manufacturing process. This philosophy stems from 2 years of research showing that although recycling is popular with the general public, there were very few end uses for the materials being recycled. Sandhill Plastics process just over 2.4 million lbs. in 2015 alone, & saving over 36 million milk jugs from the landfill.

Second Stop

Bayer Production Facility

There’s more to growing corn than just planting the seed. Seed corn goes through several processes before the farmer plants. You will see the tower conditioning process (sizing and cleaning of corn), treating process (applying appropriate seed treatments based off customer demand), packaging process (putting product into bags or Seedpaks for our customers), and logistics (shipping the product out to distribution centers or directly to customers).

Tour 3

That’s Agriculture Too: Potatoes and Craft Brews

First Stop

CSS Farms

By developing innovative supply solutions and focusing on quality, CSS Farms has grown to be one of the premier chip suppliers in the country. Our farm locations maximize product quality and minimize freight expense to the customer. The Minden farm harvests 1700 acres of chipping potatoes annually. Fresh and storage shipments cover a 10 month time frame with 800,000 cwt of storage capacity.

Second Stop

Upper Room Brewery

At Upper Room Brewery, we take the raw ingredients God has given – grain, water, hops, and yeast – and form them into something greater. Our brewing is a craft, a creation, an experience we want you to be part of. We want to bring people together over unique, quality drinks. We long for our pub to offer a quiet vibe where the world’s noise is kept to a minimum. We hope to educate people on the process of brewing, the intricacies of it – and help them find a beer that best suits their palate. Whether folks come into the brewery to laugh with friends, or read or study alone, our desire is to provide a sort of sanctuary where men and women can experience a lightness of mood and a lifting of the heart.

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